Tämän sivu koskee vain ulkomaisia tilauksia, EI Suomea. Den här sidan är bara för utländska kunder, INTE Finska. This page is for foreign customersonly, NOT Finnish.


International orders

We can ship many products also to other EU-countries than Finland. But we do not ship outside EU. If you are living in some other EU-country than Finland and are interested in bying from us, please do following:

  1. Fill out the form at the end of this page and send it to us
  2. Please write all information in English
  3. Give shipping country so that we can calculate the shipping costs

We will calculate freight costs that depend on weight, amount of parcels and destination country and give you the price.

How to buy?

If you accept our offer, you can pay via Direct bank transfer. So far this is the only payment option for orders from outside Finland. Our bank details are:

Fanatic Audio Oy
Nuaskatu 5

IBAN: FI42 8000 1070 6534 16

Our VAT-number is: FI15176762
All prices include Finnish VAT ( 24 % )

DO NOT transfer any money until you have received and accepted our offer for freight!
We will send you order number if you accept our offer and this number should be mentioned when doing payment.

You pay all banking fees ( yours and ours ) so that we receive the amount that is in the invoice.

Delivery terms & delivery time:

Payment takes usually 1 day to transfer from EU-country to another. Delivery time is approximately 1 week after we receive payment.  It varies from 5 to 14 days. More than 14 days means that there is something wrong with freight forwarder and you should contact us asap. All deliveries are sent using Finnish Post. Final carrier varies depending on who is their co-operative in your country. Some packages are delivered homw to you, and some hav to be picked up from nearest collecting point of the local carrier. You will get a link to your email address where you can track the shipment.

After payment we start packing and collecting stuff together if needed ( special ordered products etc ). Usually we have items in stock and ready before payment arrives, but sometimes it can take longer. If we give you order number, it means that we are able to get all items in 3 days, and that´s our promise. We make shipment within 3 days after receiving payment.If some disaster prevents that, we either return your payment immediately or give you 5% refund if you want to wait, depending on what you choose.

Shipment tracking:

When we make shipment, you will receive automatically tracking code to e-mail. You can use code to track shipment at Posti Tracking service:

  • Tracking in ENGLISH
  • Uppföljning på SVENSKA
  • Lähetystenseuranta SUOMEKSI ( Suomessa lähetettävät lähetykset toimitetaan matkahuollon kautta, nämä seurannat vain ulkomaisille asiakkaille )

Return policy:

You have 14 days time to decide if you want to return some or all items in your order. Time starts from the day that you receive shipment. If you want to make a return, you have to fill in return form that can be found HERE. Leaving the package to carrier and not receiving it is not a return. We do not accept any shipments that are sent to us without first sending us the return form. You have to pay the freight costs for return. All returns have to be complete, including everything that was sent to you and complete selling package. If something is missing, return is not accepted.

Exception 1: if we make a mistake and send you wrong items, then of course we pay the return costs. In these cases contact us asap.

Exception 2: all products, that require customising are not possible to return. For example, if you order products that have to be cut to desired lenght ( cables etc ) they are not returnable. If your order includes not returnable products, it is told in our freight offer.

Used products:

We give full refund only to products that are NOT installed or used in anyway. If you install product and decide to return it, our refund is 50% of original price because product is used. If product is in good using condition and has all packages etc in good condition. If you use something and break it, is not returnable anymore. All broken products are warranty issues, not return issues.


All products have warranty that is given by its importer in Finland. Inside Finland all freight costs to service are free. But only in Finland. If you have warranty issues outside Finland, freight costs are up to you.

Product information:

EU consumer rights law say that consumer must receive all information that is available of the product. Our site is in finnish language because we sell 99 % of our sales to Finland. So if you want to order from us and are uncertain of some properties, ask via email etc before ordering. If you feel that product information is insufficient, do not place an order. By placing an order, you state that you have received enough information.


Our main goal is to be as good as we can locally in our home country Finland. Our customer happiness is top rated and you can see it from our Facebook page HERE. And looking our customer reviews of products HERE. Our biggest interest is not to sell to other countries because freight from Finland to abroad is horribly expensive and it makes it impossible to us to provide free shipping etc.  But due to our selection and product pricing, we receive a lot of enquirys from other countries. That is why we decided to tell that it is possible and be honest about the conditions. If these are ok for you, we are happy to serve you too.

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